Edertek Technology Centre

Innovation is our main way of handling challenges within the sector. Fagor Ederlan’s Edertek Technology centre is where ideas are transformed into new products, materials and advanced processes.

Foresight, the key to our innovation model

At Edertek, innovation can be sensed and touched. We turn ideas into innovative solutions, based on our experience and knowledge of how the product functions.

We foresee technology, accompanying our customers through key aspects of the components. Our research team works on key product and technology issues, making the sector’s challenges our challenges. As lead actors, we have developed a groundbreaking innovation programme that focuses on advancing our technologies, reducing weight, electrification and Industry 4.0.

Research activity focused on offering a lighter, high-performance, competitive product.

Main areas of knowledge

Product Design
Technology and processes
Materials and their processing

High transfer capability: no gap between R+D and production plants

Our installations, dedicated exclusively to our innovation programme, faithfully recreate an environment similar to mass production, so developments can be transferred directly to our production plants.

  • Advanced Innovation Unit with state-of-the-art HPDC, LPDC, Gravity fed, Machining and Casting facilities
  • Validation and trials
  • Material science laboratory

Innovation: our way of doing things

patents and utility models
people in research and engineering
having published
publications and papers
developed in the last 3 years
open innovation
technology centres, universities and companies with whom we collaborate

Open, collaborative innovation

Our commitment to knowledge and a collaborative innovation model provide the basis for our research work. We work very closely with our customers’ engineers, sharing challenges and endeavours made to technologically transform the automotive industry. Alliances with technology centres, universities and partners allow us to develop innovative solutions and advance collective intelligence towards mobility of the future.


Ally for scientific-technological excellence.


Ally for applied innovation.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea


Academic and research-related ally.

Training technology futures

As a cooperative, we trust in the human facet of our organisation. We believe that people, and talent that they provide, is the basis for building both our future and that of the industry. We work actively with educational centres and universities to promote the transfer of knowledge towards the industry.

Doctoral students

DUAL training

Work experience and projects

Our Management System

Innovation is the basis of the Fagor Ederlan group’s activity. Ensuring that our innovation system and process is successful and achieves the best results is a distinguishing key factor for us. For this reason, we review and certify our management system according to the sector’s highest standards, and with the R+D+i System possessing UNE 166002 certification. Accident prevention and safety at work is a priority at the Fagor Ederlan group and at Edertek, and it could never be otherwise. Edertek holds ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety certification.

We are aware of how important the security of information and our ICT systems is. Our Information Security Management System has been Audited by a third party and it conforms to the VDA ISA standard required by the ENX-TISAX association.

UNE 166002
R&D+i Innovation system certification

ISO 45001:2018
Certificate that guarantees that the Occupational Health and Safety Management System satisfies specified requirements.


Certificate of information security assurance.