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Regional subsidies

Basque Country

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AcronymFile NºTitle
ALePREER-2015/00002New highly competitive aluminium discs and engine blocks manufactured using E-PRESION technology.
NEWCAUTOZE-2017/00022Product and process development of new generation automotive components.
KNUCKLE PLUSZL-2018/00732New advanced hybrid components for structural applications in automotive vehicles, lighter and with improved mechanical properties.
PREMIEREZE-2018/00015Prescriptive manufacturing advanced analytics solutions for reconfigurable production process manageme.
NANOTRANZE-2018/00023Development of processes and services to implement nano-reinforced materials in new advanced designs for components aimed at the transport sector.
HORDAGOZE-2019/00008Robust and efficient furnaces with advanced maintenance and availability for optimized process management.
DISCINSPECTBI-00016/2018Machine Vision System for automatically detecting defects in Brake Discs.

Implementation of a system that allows teleworking in EDERTEK.





Development of sustainable construction materials from the recovery of foundry waste sands.

TECH4CUTZE-2020/00013New monitoring and action technologies in machining processes.

New generation of environmentally sustainable Brake Discs (Subsidized by IHOBE).



Eco-components for suspension (Twdi-Thin Wall Ductile Iron) developed using life cycle analysis (LCA) methodology for electric vehicles (EV).



Scalable battery for electric heavy duty vehicles.



Data science for its collaborative development in the Advanced Manufacturing VALUE CHAIN through the intelligent and interoperable management of DIGITAL models.



Development of a new high-efficiency process for the recovery of molding sand and its recovery in construction materials with high added value.


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AcronymFile NºTitle
CAPLIC0011-1365-2015-000164Development of new high power cylinder heads for industrial vehicles.
NeGEMCO0011-1463-2018-000039Expert advice for the increased competitiveness and productivity of Fagor Ederlan Tafalla.
VICGI0011-1365-2019-000011Development of new blocks and heads for industrial vehicles using compacted graphite alloy.
BLOQUEVI0011-1365-2019-000029Development of new engine blocks for large lorries, adjusted and tight dimensional tolerances and high internal surface cleaning requirements.
DISCSAND0011-1365-2020-000169Development of new gray cast iron brake discs manufactured using sandwich molding technology.

Development of cast brake discs for large vehicles.

National aid

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AcronymFile NºTitle
ALICORIPT-370000-2010-024Development of a brake-suspension assembly using reinforced aluminium alloys.
ALSEBAPIDI-20100266Development of alloys from remelted aluminium and the process required for its use in safety parts, with application to low pressure and gravity die casting.
PECALIPT-2012-1069-370000Development of new smart, compact disc brake system.
ALPRERTC-2015-3822-4Development of aluminium alloys for high-performance design and manufacture of lightweight automotive components using low pressure technology.

Financial support for industrial investment within the public policy framework to promote industrial competitiveness in 2015.