Leading supplier of Suspension and Brake solutions. Lightening, safety and high performance products form part of our global proposal.

Multi-product, Multi-material and Multi-technology

From innovation and product design to global supply, our components feature alternative materials and technologies that allow us to personalise each component to suit the customer’s needs. Iron or Aluminium with maximum added value. Consistent with what is needed at all times.

Iron knuckles
Aluminium knuckles
Brake discs and drums
Brake supports and calipers

To ask more from technology, we ask more from ourselve

Based on our values, we share the vision of a better, more sustainable and hopeful future for us as a cooperative and also for our commitment to society.A new technology is born in FAGOR EDERLAN for the purpose of achieving the best development and sharing it with our customers: ARINN CAST

  • Lightweighting
  • Sustainable technology
  • Recyclability

Interested in knowing more?

We would be more than happy to arrange a meeting or video conference with our specialists to learn more about this technological development.

Your partner in Suspension and Brakes

We aspire to be the best at what we know and do. We focus on key components such as Steering Knuckles , Brake Disks, Drums and Housings.

Technology leaders

Leaders in key iron and aluminium technologies to manufacture safety and high performance components

  • Iron casting
  • Low Pressure Aluminium Diecasting (LPDC)
  • Machining and Assembly