We work with startups

We seek solutions to accelerate our innovation processes through collaborative projects with startups that offer attractive value propositions that tie in with our challenges.

We understand our role and for many years have been open to new ideas and major projects for Fagor Ederlan but always with common benefit in mind.

We have created a simple process to identify and handle collaboration opportunities, which we try to manage with agility and flexibility.

If you think you have something that may interest us, fill in our form: let’s work together!

We operate a transparent process

We assess the suitability of each proposal that we receive. Should it be of interest to us, we will contact you within a period of less than 1 month to arrange a meeting in order to discuss the value proposition in greater depth and establish how it fits in with our needs and objectives Otherwise, we will email you explaining why it was declined, keeping the proposition on file for possible future contact.


We establish relationships with clear rules

We scrupulously respect all prior IP (regardless of existing protection) and regulate the IP and IPR generated during the joint project by agreement.
Privacy of proposals
We apply a clear privacy policy for the proposals received: we will not distribute contacts or proposals unless authorised by the proposer.
Data generated during the project
The data belong to Fagor Ederlan, having guaranteed access in the case of external storage, however, justified and limited uses can be discussed.
Confidentiality agreements
As a basis for creating a relationship framework based on trust between the parties, we establish simple, streamlined confidentiality agreements.
Use of trademarks
We expressly regulate and establish the use of trademarks (by both parties) in project dissemination, advertising and marketing activities.

We select aligned projects

We seek value propositions that are aligned with our needs or challenges. Our business objectives may change over time, but are identified. Examples being:

Capture of offers
Improve our capture rates in automotive component supply processes, both the conversion factor and the probability of capturing special interest offers.
New products
Work with Fagor Ederlan to develop new products for the automotive sector: new materials, new concepts, new coatings, component integration, smart products...
Process efficiency
Improving the efficiency of our processes, particularly production processes: digital factory, smart factory, automation, strengthening of control systems, automation of administrative processes, etc.
Raw materials and energy
Reducing consumption of raw materials and energy, either via new supply sources (especially if they respond to circular economy criteria), recovering losses, improved management, etc...
Technology transfer
Promote the technology transfer of new solutions to strengthen our manufacturing and control processes, or introduce innovations for greater competitiveness.
Safe work
Guarantee safe conditions for our workplaces, through control, reduction or elimination of occupational health, hygiene and safety hazards.
Circularity and neutrality
Improve the circularity of waste treatment (especially sand) and provide solutions to our challenge of achieving carbon neutrality (energy model).
People and teams
Improve involvement and performance of people and teams, collaborative work, communication, education and training or, in general, the knowledge creation and sharing processes.
Global presence
Facilitate our global presence in any field of management, from access to technology, optimisation of purchases, attracting talent, understanding of competitive scenarios...
Product diversification
Support our product diversification projects, especially in systems and related business opportunities, by providing skills and technologies complementary to our own.
Investment in startups
Support our startup investment strategy in one of our 3 purposes: protection of differentiating technology for our traditional business; development of our technological challenges; and job creation.

We have diverse experience

Over the last few years we have worked with a base of more than 2,000 startups, contacted more than 200, promoted in- depth MEETINGS with our internal teams on more than thirty occasions and launched several collaborative projects, such as these examples.


Predicción de defectos y modelos prescriptivos


Adiestramiento gamificado para planes de acogida


APP de comunicación interna


Reducción consumo eléctrico optimizando onda sinusoidal


Aplicabilidad de tecnología END a componentes LPDC


Capacitación en manejo de moldes mediante VR


Computer Vision y DL para detección defectos visuales


Estudio de conceptos y arquitecturas motor en rueda


Optimización del proceso de mecanizado


Incorporación de vídeo con IA al plan de adopción MS365


Piloto de plataforma para ecosistemas de innovación


Oferta conjunta consultoría tecnológica fabricación aditiva


Circularidad del refractario de aluminio


Partner en proyecto demostrador battery pack


Apoyo freelancer en proyectos de transformación digital

And sometimes... We invest

Although this is not the aim of the startup collaboration model, there is a possibility that, in certain cases, we may look at a potential investment, carried out jointly with MONDRAGON's corporate funds. Fagor Ederlan’s investment strategy in start- ups has three goals:

Associate or even the future integration of key profiles or skills linked to our automotive or mobility initiatives.
Protect the use or application of technologies we consider key to the development of our products and processes.
Promote the development of new businesses of radical diversification for the group, with a strong potential for financial return or job creation in our environment.

Contact form

If you are a startup and think you have a relevant value to offer us, that offers us competitive differentiation or innovation (both technological and managerial) through value propositions well-aligned with our objectives... then you only have to contact us.

Just fill in and send the following form.


We will analyse each proposal that we receive.
Yuri Noda
Yuri Noda
Digital Transformation Project Manager
Jesús Fernández
Jesús Fernández
Director of Corporate Development and Digital Transformation