Leaders in metal automotive components, we have 18 production plants around the world. With a European decision centre, our operations and business relations are global, as is our purchase management and our relationships with suppliers.

Centralised purchase management

Our organization is centralised for strategic purchase families:

Compras generales
General Purchases
Electricity - Gas. Transport, warehouses and packaging. Contracts. Safety & Environment
Materia prima
Raw Material
Iron / Aluminium
Machinery / Civil works
Tooling / Moulds
Subcontracted work and components
Outsourced / Components

Do you want to be a Fagor Ederlan supplier?

Fagor Ederlan purchasing portal

Fagor Ederlan offers all its suppliers a streamlined communication channel to guarantee total privacy when managing purchasing processes.


If you are an ICT, electricity, gas, courier, parcel or office material supplier, please contact ATEGI, specialist company in Mondragón Corporation purchasing processes.

Our relationship with suppliers

Fagor Ederlan has a purchasing team located at each of our 18 production plants. This helps us stay close to the customer needs and optimise the management of our core business.