Cooperative and values

We are a cooperative, the mainstay of our organization, with values embraced by committed people, who grow and freely contribute to create a unique, supportive, sustainable and transformative project, generating valuable products for a global market.

Manos abrazando un árbol

A deep-seated egalitarian culture

Our company is based on people and cooperation, key elements of our project. As a cooperative we are independent and self-governed. Capital is the means, however, employment, sustainability and social transformation are the ends. Our model is based on:

  • The business, moving the company toward innovation and greater value.
  • The people, located within the centre are the mainstays of our project’s identity and commitment.
  • The environment , for a supportive, sustainable society.

We employ a model of self-governance based on democratic principles. We all work together, side by side, being supportive and committed, two values that have defined who we are since the day that Fagor Ederlan was founded.

Mikel Uribetxeberria
Mikel Uribetxeberria
President of Fagor Ederlan S.Coop.

The values that define who we are and motivate our actions

...As owners of our project, we have a long-term commitment. We adapt our to give the very best of ourselves and meet challenging targets.
Joint responsibility
... Making each member responsible for the future of Fagor Ederlan, with their participation and involvement in the Cooperative’s democratic decision making.
The promotion of inter-cooperative relations (Fagor Group and Mondragón Corporation) along with the environment strategy, represent our strength. ... as a duty shared among the whole company, from the concept of distributing wealth to the division of labour.
Responsible Solidarity
... in knowledge, resources, people and culture. When faced with inequality, we have the responsibility to act in solidarity. ... to achieve a fairer, more supportive, better world.
Social Transformation
... to achieve a fairer, more supportive, better world. We implement local schemes aimed at furthering our culture, social inclusion. responsible use and sustainable development.

Fagor, our origins

In 1964 Ularco, later to be Fagor, came into being a regional cooperative group with the aim integrating local cooperatives and providing them with support. Since then, Fagor, comprising of 8 cooperatives (Fagor Industrial, Copreci, Fagor Electrónica, Fagor Ederlan, Fagor Arrasate, Fagor Automation, Mondragon Assembly and Galbaian), has kept the spirit of transformation present at the beginning of this cooperative project very much alive.

Fagor is about sharing, through culture, inter-cooperation and social transformation, allowing us to grow and improve as a cooperative.

We are part of the MONDRAGON Corporation

The MONDRAGON Corporation is the world’s largest cooperative group and Fagor Ederlan is a part of it. With an annual turnover of €11,608 Million and head office in the Basque Country, it is synonymous with solvency, internationalization, innovation and knowledge.

annual turnover.
and 81,507 persons employed in our cooperatives & companies
Sales more than
extensive international presence.
and more than 2,189 researchers

The corporation consists of 4 groups, each of which incorporates similar business activities: Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge. In terms of number of worker-owners, Fagor Ederlan is the top cooperative within the MONDRAGON industrial group, forming part of the Automotive Division.

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