Material Innovation

Experts in casting, our knowledge of materials forms part of our DNA. Our technological challenges lead to developments with materials and subsequently our proposals.

We demand more from materials

We are experts in metallurgy, and in the design and manufacture of safety components. We work to offer lighter solutions and improve product functionality based on the characteristics of the material.

Thinking about the function, the processes, the product’s life cycle, recyclability and sustainable consumption of raw materials is key to our development programme for materials

Materials of the future

We develop the material in unison with the product and the technology, towards more demanding applications. As expert manufacturers of metal components, our innovation activities focused on Iron and Aluminium are crucial, as well as advancing research into other materials.

Main projects:

  • Ederalsi: aluminium alloys
  • Edercast: high performance ferrous alloys
  • Low density ferrous alloys
  • Aluminioa+: high performance aluminium alloys

Innovation focused on offering:

Weight reduction

Improved anti-wear properties

Improved mechanical characteristics



We view recyclability of materials as a way to minimise the environmental consequences of our activity. We are committed to projects that help us obtain high performance alloys, by means of reusing them.

Main projects:

  • Radius

Innovation focused on offering::

Greener products



Edercast: high performance ferrous alloys

Our range of EDERCAST alloys is intended for heavy-duty applications. With improved mechanical characteristics, they make it possible to design lighter components.

Product, Material and Technology all integrated within a robust, competitive solution.