What we offer and what we seek

We are already something major moving towards the future and we are delighted by what we are building together. We are all things Automotive, working to offer our customers the best technological and innovative proposal. We are specialists and we are global. Join our challenge and take an active part in a project guided by our cooperative spirit.

What we offer

Being part of a cooperative

And sharing ideas at all levels of the organisation, learning from your colleagues and moving forward together. We feel, think and act like a large team. You will share values and hopes within in an unique, unequalled project.

Working in the Automotive sector with a leader

And developing your career in a benchmark industry, where you will share challenges with the world’s largest manufacturers in the sector.

Innovative, technological environment

Inquisitiveness guides us. In constant development, we use innovation and technological expertise to find the best way to meet our challenges. You will share a career with highly qualified teams and have professional and personal development plans.

Move around the world

And be able to work in the different regions where we conduct our work. We are building an inclusive, multicultural, global workspace from our local decision-making centre.

Around the whole world In 14 plants, 1 technology centre and 8 sales offices.
Constantly growing. We are the third largest employer in Gipuzkoa.
With our own identity. The cooperative with the largest number of members within the Mondragon industrial division.
Training people and professionals of the future in leadership, technical and management skills.

Training people for the future Automotive sector

Fagor Ederlan has a challenging, forward-looking staff development programme. Our cooperative model encourages and enables us to learn from each other. We share ideas, projects and ways of doing things. We are committed to the comprehensive development of people, conducting programmes in leadership, management training and technical skills.

Being experts in a global world and especially in a sector as demanding as the Automotive industry makes us enthusiastic apprentices. Training is the key.

We are committed to it. We are committed to you.

It could be you

Andoni García
"At Fagor Ederlan I have been able to develop and advance."
Andoni García
Head of Machining Area
Judith Muruamendiaraz
“Fagor Ederlan has given me the opportunity to tackle new challenges day after day.”
Judith Muruamendiaraz
Head of Product Engineering - Aluminium Steering Knuckles
“Fagor Ederlan allows me to learn continuously; be involved in multidisciplinary teams and in different cultures”
Kepa Barbarias
Quality Technician
Amaia Bergaretxe
“A decent job, a second chance”
Amaia Bergaretxe
Non-destructive testing control operator

Join our project

Fagor Ederlan has its own development framework, which will provide you with the abilities, knowledge and confidence you need to develop your personal and professional skills. This and our commitment to the people who form our project makes us distinctive.

Now more than ever we need talented people who can share our enthusiasm and our way of doing things. Join our project.

Join our project
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