Work experience, projects and dual programme

From research projects to full-time work experience, shaping the future of the Automotive industry in a culture that supports your growth and development.

The automotive industry as you have never seen it before

You will find a close, dynamic, collaborative environment at Fagor Ederlan, where you will form part of various international and multidisciplinary teams, being one more person in our project. We will ensure that you receive the knowledge, support and guidance needed to become a professional with maximum skills.

Fagor Ederlan, as a cooperative and a global company, leader in the automotive industry, feels that people are the heart of the organisation. We train you to tackle to the sector’s challenges of the future, accompanying you as you development and grow both professionally and personally.

What will your experience be like?

You will have someone to trust: There will be people ready and willing to teach you everything they know. You will always have someone with knowledge and proven experience at your side to support you in your professional development.

You will learn, instruct and cooperate. We demand a lot from ourselves and from you: quality is a maxim in our sector

You will play the lead role in your learning process. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. We will look after evaluating your progress to ensure a transforming experience.

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What do we offer you?

We are leaders in the automotive industry. You will learn within an environment of the highest standards, where the major manufacturers are our reference and guide.

Innovative environment. Our Edertek Technology Centre responds to the automotive sector’s major future challenges by means of cutting-edge research projects.

You will learn by doing it with us. You will join different teams of experts, training in technological environments and participating in management tasks.

We are an industrial cooperative with a strong collaborative culture. We believe in people and encourage teamwork.

We employ proven methods to guarantee that you learn, putting all the knowledge necessary to develop your profession into practice.

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Dos personas trabajando

Are you studying Engineering or Industry related HND?

You are the person we want

We are looking for inquisitive, committed, cooperative people who are willing to learn in an innovative global project like ours.


  • Engineering, Industry related HND?
  • Project R+D
  • Business Administration, Communication and Marketing, Humanities

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