Safety, Environment and Compliance

At Fagor Ederlan we know that creating a healthier, safer, more productive, sustainable workplace is a job for all of us.

Niño dormido dentro de un coche

Prevention as an individual and collective responsibility

Accident prevention and safety at work is a priority for Fagor Ederlan. Consequently, each one of us takes on active commitment to ensure the health, safety and well-being of both ourselves and that of all our companions.

With the aim of improving the quality of life of those who work with us, efforts are focused on preventive attitudes and adapting workplaces to people: from ergonomic research projects in production plants to healthy lifestyle campaigns.

Labour Health and Safety Policy

To ask less of the planet, we ask more of ourselves

We are committed to making the development of our business activity compatible with maximum respect for the environment. To achieve this, our use of raw material resources is based on the ISO 14001 standard.



We constantly review manufacturing processes to optimise the use of raw materials and energy resources.
Our top priority is to reduce the weight of components , subsequently reducing consumption along the entire supply chain.

Gestión residuos

Waste Management

The production processes are designed to be able to reuse materials and convert the waste into resources. Fagor Ederlan makes arrangements with authorized waste managers for the safe and effective treatment of non-recyclable waste, reducing its volume as much as possible.



At Fagor Ederlan efficient water management is a priority, and we do our utmost to ensure that the large amounts of water we use are compatible with the environment and other natural resources.

Eficiencia energética

Energy efficiency

Energy specialists and specific teamwork help our production plants to study and reduce energy consumption, for both gas and electricity.

Towards sustainable production and consumption

At Fagor Ederlan we participate in various Circular Economy initiatives with the aim of minimising any undesirable environmental consequences that our activity may generate.

Environmental Policy

Fagor Ederlan’s main Safety and Environment certificates

OHSAS 18001:2007
Certificate of Conformity for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
ISO 14001
Certificate of Conformity for the Environmental Management System.

Information Security

At Fagor Ederlan we are aware of how important the security of information and our ICT systems is. For this reason we are committed to protect the information in our company. With the aim of guaranteeing this, we have developed a specific Management System and set up an Information Security Committee in order to promote and facilitate its use. In addition, our Information Security Management System has been Audited by a third party and it conforms to the VDA ISA standard required by the ENX-TISAX association

Information Security Policy

Code of conduct and responsible practices

Fagor Ederlan‘s professional, ethical and responsible commitment and that of all its staff in the execution of their work, in any part of the world, is a fundamental element of our business culture.

This code includes strict standards for responsible management, prioritising the protection of human rights and the promotion of international labour regulations, including our suppliers, the regions where we operate and our customers.