Inter-cooperation with the environment

We inter-cooperate with the environment to respond to society’s real needs, being consistent with our personality and our socio-business project. We focus on our commitment for social transformation, with the people of Fagor Ederlan being the ones who make this project possible.

We work to add value to society and to the environment in which we live.


We promote active volunteering through direct involvement in social action projects.


We transform the environment by transforming ourselves, becoming more self-organised, supportive and sustainable


We are committed to developing a more just society as a fundamental part of our socio-business project


IWe conduct our own initiatives as well as cooperating with multiple local social agents that promote a sustainable, equitable world.

Main areas of work

Environmental sustainability

We believe it is essential to promote sustainable mobility, to use energy and water efficiently, as well as to reduce any waste we generate.

We conduct various projects, some awareness raising, encouraging efficient use of natural resources, as well as how to minimise our environmental footprint.

Responsible consumption

consumo responsable

We understand responsible consumption as that which maintains a balance between the development of a person and their environment, being aware of their legacy to future generations.

We are geared towards a circular economy and, wherever possible, taking environmental, social and ethical criteria into account when choosing the products and services we consume, as is the case with our canteens.

Social inclusion

Inclusión social

We work to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of origin, gender, social status or activity in order to include them in the community.

Our goal is to ensure that all members of society enjoy a good life, with access to all basic services for adequate, sustainable personal and family development.

Partnerships with environmental agents

Pauso Berriak Programme

Started in February, 2018. Project promoted by Gureak and Atzegi , aimed at accompanying people with intellectual disabilities in their work lives. The inclusion of various individuals at Fagor Ederlan plants will continue in the coming years, opening up employment opportunities for those who have difficulties finding stable employment.

Locally sourced produce in our canteens

We are involved in various projects aimed at using local produce in the Fagor Ederlan canteens. We work with Beterri Km0 and the Bidean de Cáritas occupational workshop for the promotion and economic viability of local agriculture, responsible consumption, and to help the socially excluded become part of the local workforce

Producto local

Gehikoop project


Started in 2019, Gehikoop is a project promoted by Mundukide within the framework of inter-cooperation, establishing links and backing with certain production cooperatives of Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MST), a rural social movement that has been fighting for agrarian reform and social justice since 1985, offering the opportunity to become professionals and head Brazil’s organisation of production cooperatives and associations. Fagor Ederlan has joined the project to collaborate in the development of cooperatives in other parts of the world, contributing its know-how and the backing of key people in our own cooperative, as well as learning from other cooperative projects.

Finding partners

We are aware that this type of scheme would be ineffective if done in a reclusive way. For such reasons, we work with non-profit organisations to confront common challenges, striving together to ensure the development of our community. If you want to cooperate with us, contact:

César Bastardo
Technical Secretary of Corporate Bodies
Mónica Díez Gómez

“Fagor-Ederlan’s participation in the programme has given Iosu and Jaime an opportunity to work in a standard company. The support and close collaboration of those who work with them have been fundamental for their social development and within the workplace.”

Mónica Díez Gómez
Pauso Berriak (Gureak) programme monitoring technician
Agustín Tranche

“Collaboration with Fagor Ederlan has meant accomplishing our main objective: none other than social and workplace inclusion of groups experiencing difficulties, via immersion in the company, knowledge about the environment in which they live and confidence enough in our work and in our horticultural products to become suppliers for its canteen.”

Agustín Tranche
Sarea Foundation Director
Virginia Basurto

“Fagor Ederlan’s participation in Gehikoop has turned our mission of cooperation with the peoples of the South into a reality. The expertise and know-how of the people who accompany us from Fagor Ederlan is helping to improve the work we do as well as bringing our cooperative experience closer to the reality of Brazil’s MST.”

Virginia Basurto
Head of the GehiKoop project at Mundukide