Brake supports and calipers

Safety components

Experts in components components such as Brake Discs, Drums, Housings and Supports. Fagor Ederlan is ranked as one of the major European leaders in the manufacture of brake-related safety components.

With extensive experience in machining and assembly, our customers include the major brake suppliers. Being global allows us to offer brake component solutions worldwide.

Brake Caliper Housing in SG Iron
Brake Caliper Housing in SG Iron
Brake Caliper Housing in SG Iron
Brake suppot in SG Iron
Brake suppot in SG Iron


  • Collaborative component design and development
  • Innovation in materials
  • Process innovation
  • Tooling and mould design and development


  • Iron casting


  • Process quality assurance
  • Tests

Perfect combination of quality, innovation and safety

Housing and support collaborative component design. Our advanced engineering team works to provide the optimal product solution.

Key factors that drive
  • Lightening
  • Process innovation
  • Comprehensive development of the value chain
  • Tooling design and development
Innovation proposals
  • Collaborative product design
  • Integrated features
  • Process innovation and development
Innovative Brake Caliper Housing