Brake discs and drums

Experts in the brake functions

More than 30 years manufacturing this component, makes us experts in this product. More than 50 years’ experience in casting makes us a reference in this technology.

Knowledge and tradition together with our vocation for innovation, positions us as a supplier of brake disc and drum design, development and validation among the sector’s major manufacturers and Tier 1s.

We have our own solutions for lightening, product finishes and high performance coatings designed to reduce NVH and corrosion.


Two piece Rotor in Grey Iron and Aluminium fully machined
Vented Brake Disc in Grey Iron fully machined
Vented Brake Disc in Grey Iron fully machined with Geomet coating
Solid Brake Disc in Grey Iron fully machined with lightweight design
Vented Brake Drum in Grey Iron fully machined


  • Product design
  • Tooling and mould design
  • Process design and development
  • Prototype
  • Validation and trials
  • Innovation Laboratory


  • Ferrous alloys
  • Bimetal discs
  • Aluminium

Multi Tecnología

  • Grey cast iron
  • Machining
  • Aluminium Low Pressure Diecasting


  • Geomet
  • Painting

Thinking about future challenges: lightening and electric vehicles

We work to respond to the major challenges in the brake world: NVH, PM10 emissions, lightening, coatings and finishes are all part of our disc innovation projects.

Key factors that drive innovation
  • Lightening
  • Improved NVH
  • Reduced PM10 emissions
  • Coatings
Innovation proposals
  • Bimetal Discs
  • Aluminium Discs
Discos de freno aligerados innovadores Discos de freno en Aluminio y Discos de freno bimetal