Fagor Ederlan Brasileira

Experts in Casting and Machining

Fagor Ederlan Brasileira specialises in casting and machining Chassis safety components for Automobiles, as well as Casting Iron for Chassis safety and Powertrain components for Commercial Vehicles.

With two Casting and Machining production plants, it is a benchmark on the South American market in the manufacture of such components.

Fagor Ederlan Brasileira Iron Foundry
Fagor Ederlan Brasileira Iron Foundry
Fagor Ederlan Brasileira Iron Foundry
Fagor Ederlan Brasileira Iron Foundry
Fagor Ederlan Brasileira Iron Foundry
Fagor Ederlan Brasileira Iron Foundry
Fagor Ederlan Brasileira Iron Foundry
Fagor Ederlan Brasileira Iron Foundry


Avenida Nicolau Cesarino, 2.297 - Bairro Ponte Alta 

P.O Box 15 | CEP 37640-000

Extrema- MG (Brasil) - SUDAMERICA



Commercial Vehicle


  • Iron casting
  • Machining

Attained certification

The primary goal of Fagor Ederlan Brasileira is customer satisfaction, with the emphasise on planning and a relentless search for continuous improvement of its products, processes and services. It also invests continuously in quality-related programmes and holds the IATF 16149 quality management certification.

ISO 14001
Certificate that endorses the plant’s environmental management.
IATF 16949
Certificate that endorses the quality of the design, development and production of Chassis, Powertrain and Structural components for the automotive sector.
Certificate awarded by Ford.
VDA 6.3 VW
Certificate awarded by Volkswagen.

Active environmental policy

Fagor Ederlan Brasileira constantly invests in the Environment, allocating a percentage of its sales revenue to this area.

FFagor Ederlan Brasileira is fully aware that its activities, the generation of waste and emissions from the foundry, have an environmental impact.

That is why it is committed to adopting measures that protect the environment and prevent pollution by means of an effective environmental management system where environmental targets and goals are set and reviewed, laws and regulatory requirements strictly observed and performance continuously improved.

Fagor Ederlan Brasileira also transparently discloses all relevant information associated with its Environmental Management System:

Aitor Axpe


Document Title Action
ISO 14001 Certificate - Environmental management system
Environmental license
Caracterización y clasificación de residuo sólido
IATF 16949 Certificate - Quality management system

Be a part of our team

The automotive industry constantly transforms and so do we. We are looking for dedicated, creative people who share our values and want to work within a technological environment.

Aitor Axpe

At Fagor Ederlan Brasileira we focus on basic practices designed to attract, train, develop and retain talent through integration, participation and motivation programmes.

Aitor Axpe

Now more than ever we need talented people from diverse backgrounds to help our clients navigate the complexities of this era.

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