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null Fagor Ederlan is firmly committed to Dual Training

People & Talent 2021/08/09

Fagor Ederlan is firmly committed to Dual Training

The Basque cooperative has the support of various local educational centres 

The people who comprise Fagor Ederlan’s current and future projects are a key aspect of our development and the company’s main asset. We have been working to develop the Future Professionals programme since 2018. It aims to train new qualified experts by means of a series of initiatives – Dual Training among them – assisted by local educational centres and special corporate training sessions taught by Fagor Ederlan or outsourced in subjects relevant to the job positions in which these newly-trained personnel will begin their professional careers. 
“The students are trained in the real, hands-on learning environment in addition to the training sessions provided by the company. The ultimate goal of the programme is to enable us to recruit future highly-qualified workers with the skills we need” says Raquel Belategi, Dual Training Manager of Fagor Ederlan. 
The cooperative has been working with the following educational centres to implement the Future Professionals Programme: Mondragon Goi-Eskola, Instituto Miguel Altuna, Aretxabaleta Lanbide Eskola and UPV/EHU. 
Students with degrees can access the positions of quality, production and maintenance specialist. Those with two or three-year diplomas can aspire to become tooling operators or skilled machinists. 
Furthermore, Belategi points out that “what we do is to implement the pyramid of knowledge both in theory and in practice for each job position and complement it with the specific corporate sessions contributed by Fagor Ederlan". 
"In addition to the Future Professionals programme we have a series of other projects to help develop the careers of students with various technical diplomas or degrees”. She also adds that all the programme’s stakeholders keep in contact through the Academic Committee they have created, through which they can monitor their progress, download students’ projects and make presentations and challenges.    
A “difficult” year 
The pandemic has impacted the normal development of the programme as it has in all walks of life. Fagor Ederlan had an average of 66 students before the outbreak of Covid-19, a number that currently averages 40. Specifically, in the academic year just ended, four engineering students (Jokin Pérez, Erlantz Sola, Anne Barbarias and Nagore Pinillos) have submitted their final degree projects in July. 
Anne Barbarias is one of the students who has taken an active part in the programme. She emphasises the “effort and hard work” that has gone into the project. To her, one of the most significant aspects of her experience at Fagor Ederlan is the importance they place on people. “When the pandemic broke out I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue” she said, “and that I would have to find another company where I could do the internship. I thought it would be like that because I knew that the company's position was not as good as it had been the previous year. Then I realised that they did not intend to abandon us and that they believed in us, which is one of the aspects that I would underline”, she added. 
She also affirms that all her original expectations with respect to the cooperative have been fulfilled and that the experience has been extremely beneficial. “I want to repay all the belief and trust that Fagor Ederlan has placed in me” concludes Anne.