Reimagining Aluminum Casting: ARINN CAST

To ask more of technology, we ask more of ourselves. ARINN cast is a new technological development of the aluminum LPDC casting by Fagor Ederlan. ARINN whose root comes from the Basque word ARIN, which means LIGHTNESS AND AGILITY, united with the purpose of our INNOVATION & INTERNATIONAL vision.

A technological development that combines the best mechanical properties with a new generation of lightweight and sustainable advanced chassis components.

Advanced Aluminum Brake Discs

We move with the future of automotive components. Having electric vehicles in mind, Fagor Ederlan offers its advanced proposal of Aluminium brake discs EDERALSI, which offer a lightweight, sustainable and high brake performance for hybrid and electric vehicles.

New generation of sustainable Coated Brake Discs

Sustainability is not only a commitment at Fagor Ederlan. It is part of our product and technologies. We have a wide range of last generation coating solutions to minimize particulate emissions, improving brake corrosion resistance with high brake performance.

Aluminium Brake Drums for Electric Vehicles

An optimal lightweight solution, high corrosion resistant and sustainably manufactured.

We are different

We are an industrial cooperative. The people at Fagor Ederlan are the owners of this project. a project guided by a unique cooperative identity.

Componentes de automoción

Leader in automotive components

Fagor Ederlan is the leading supplier in auto components, centred around Chassis, Powertrain, Electric Powertrain and Structural components. The major vehicle manufacturers are our customers, allowing us to understand, share and work to accomplish the most important challenges within the sector

We are committed to technological advancement and innovation

We work to offer the best technological and innovative proposal for today’s vehicles of the future all around the world.


Join our cooperative project

There are more than 4.500 of us, the cooperative with the largest number of members within the MONDRAGON Corporation. We are committed to developing people within a promising and challenging environment.

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We are Global

Proximity to our customers is the basis of our internationalisation strategy. We have 17 production plants and partnerships in the sector’s main regions: Europe, Mercosur, Asia and NAFTA.

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