In Ederlan we live the Euskara

We know how important local languages ​​are to achieve a balanced and competent society, and therefore we promote the use of Euskara in our organization. We don't understand any other way to be Ederlan.

We work with and for the Basque language

We have a steadfast commitment to the Basque language, the oldest language in Europe, and we work to ensure that this language can be used in all social and business relations. Promoting the use of the Basque language is part of our strategic plan, encouraging it to be learnt and creating opportunities to use it.



We offer resources to ensure that worker-owners can learn and improve their level of Basque.

Comprehension is the key to ensuring that it spreads throughout the organisation.


EWe encourage the use of Basque in the working environment in two ways:

  • Giving exclusivity to certain linguistic functions
  • Encouraging improvement plans based on co-responsibility towards this shared project

Those of us who work at Fagor Ederlan see ourselves as one of the best helpmates for this minority language.

From words to deeds

35 in Basque 94 classes given at Fagor Ederlan.
actively participate in committees to further the use of the Basque language.
last year.


We are aware of the importance of the contribution of external validation to advance and improve. Since 2013 we have had the external Bikain assessment of our entire process to identify the most important areas for improvement and learn from new experiences.