Creating a community

Social transformation forms part of our essence to build a more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable society. We support the various agents in our environment to develop projects that help to improve the community.

Fagor Ederlan

Fagor Group Inter-cooperation. Giving back to society and the environment based on cooperative criteria

Since the very beginning, Fagor Ederlan and the other cooperatives that go to form the Fagor Group give between 10-12% of their profits to the Compulsory Contribution Fund for Education and Cooperative Promotion and other Public Interest purposes (COFIP). Its existence is linked to cooperative principles and a commitment to the economic and social improvement of the environment in which we conduct our business.

We apply a community investment model that is fundamentally organised around the following three lines of action, and to which we allocated €1.5 million last year.

Educational Advancement

Through Gizabidea Fundazioa, we support educational development of the Debagoiena Valley, in response to challenges faced by our society in the future, in a fair, cooperative and innovative way.

Social & Cooperative Advancement

We are developing a transformation movement to respond to our challenges as a community.

We help to promote Basque culture and the standardisation of the Basque language in both the workplace and locally.

Through Mundukide (NGO), we promote cooperative work in underdeveloped countries.

Community Allocation

This advocates the cooperative values of our members, with awareness raising actions.

We support various public interest projects based on the initiative of the worker-partner members themselves.

Giving back to society data

of the profits
per year
invested in social projects around the world
to community projects

First Hand

In addition to the projects that we develop collaboratively with various local agents, we also provide economic help to different local non-profit associations that work in the fields of:

  • Community development aid and NGOs
  • Culture and education
  • Sports clubs and schools
We want and can do more for our society
We manage 8% of the Fagor Group’s Community Allocation