About us

Fagor Ederlan is a world leader in Chassis and Powertrain components for the Automotive sector. Our forward-looking strategy is based on innovation, technological development and our values as a cooperative committed to the environment, which makes us unique and different.

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Experts in the entire value chain, we offer the best product solutions in different technologies and materials.

Technology and talent to achieve great expertise

More than 3,500 people make our project a reality. Talent, technological capability and an ongoing commitment to innovation allow us to customise our range of components for light and industrial vehicles, both in the terms of Chassis, Powertrain, Electric powertrain and Structural components.

We engineer high quality products tailored to satisfy the customer’s needs anywhere in the world.

What the numbers say about us

Fagor Ederlan annual sales worldwide.
components in the world
Fagor Ederlan annual sales worldwide.
world leaders
in the 4 key Aluminium and Iron casting Technologies.
people employed
72% in the cooperative are owners.
involvement with the environment
Invested around the world.

Industrial cooperative thanks to its people and its business culture

The core of the Fagor Ederlan group is the cooperative. Our values, principles and culture transcend business. Our management model focuses on people and that which surrounds us and matters: the environment.

We belong to the MONDRAGON Corporation and the Fagor Group, sharing values, principles and a single model.

Isabel Sagastiberri

"Fagor Ederlan has allowed me to develop from a professional and personal point of view. I have always been able to participate, express my opinion and contribute my best ideas".

Isabel Sagastiberri
Head of Strategic Marketing
Member for 22 years
Juan Torres

"“The cooperative is an instrument for both personal and social transformation. Within such, I have learned to value being part of a project with a sense of belonging, culture, region, and language. My period of expatriation in Mexico has allowed me to see how the local people’s concerns about development and growth may have eased thanks to cooperation, commitment and responsibility".

Juan Torres
Head of Engineering
Member for 7 years
Nerea Egidazu

“The cooperative is a group of people who, as worker-owners, have voluntarily bonded to achieve economic, social and cultural objectives. The members own the cooperative and it is democratically managed among all of us".

Nerea Egidazu
Member for 5 years
Imanol Ibarra

“The cooperative is a company where I feel represented and fulfilled, where my opinion and my work are valued".

Imanol Ibarra
Predictive Maintenance Technician
Member for 13 years at Fagor Electrodomésticos and 16 years at Fagor Ederlan.

Quality and experience serving the Automotive sector

The Automotive sector continues to drive the industry, setting trends that Fagor Ederlan readily assimilates in order to accompany its customers at every crucial stage. Our expertise in the entire value chain is supported by the following qualities:

16 production plants distributed throughout the market’s 4 main regions, allowing us to offer a rapid, close-to-hand service anywhere in the world.
In comprehensive solutions for Chassis and Powertrain applications with more than 5 decades of expertise. Experience and specialist knowledge about how our products function.
Innovation is the driving force behind our business, allowing us to meet the sector’s technological challenges.
Commitment to people. In true cooperative spirit Fagor Ederlan has governing board that empowers all those within the organisation. Culture, processes and human resources.