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null Fagor Ederlan's bet on the development of intelligent processes


Fagor Ederlan's bet on the development of intelligent processes

Fagor Ederlan's bet on the development of intelligent processes

Fagor Ederlan has participated in the Open Innovation Showcase of the BIND 4.0 2021 program, which was held on 6 and 7 July. 

Fagor Ederlan has once again participated in the BIND 4.0 acceleration program, an initiative promoted by the Basque Government that aims to promote the development of the best international technology start-ups, enabling them to access top-level industrial clients, with whom they will work on projects and solutions based on new Industry 4.0 technologies.

As a BIND 4.0 mentor company since 2019, Fagor Ederlan views participation in the program as “very positive, as it allows us to learn about and analyse the state of 4.0 technologies so that concept tests can be carried out to help improve our production processes, with the ultimate aim of making the development of intelligent processes part of the daily operations of our production plants", says Javier Lozano, speaker at the conference, researcher of innovation projects and head of the BIND 4.0 project at Fagor Ederlan. 

This is the case of the projects carried out, ranging from applications of virtual reality for the development of training tools for personnel in the handling of overhead cranes (2019, Solid Virtual  ) or projects such as the one developed in 2020 for the detection of surface defects by artificial vision in raw and machined aluminium parts to make the inspection process more reliable and reduce non-quality costs (Nuavis, 2020).  

In this 2021 edition, FagorEderlan has chosen to tackle a machining data exploitation project (Savvy Data Systems), with the aim of analysing production processes from the point of view of digitalisation and data analytics to improve machining cycles and quality control.
State-of-the-art program
In this edition, BIND 4.0 has established itself as a cutting-edge program, with a total of 38 technology startups selected by more than 50 leading companies to develop 52 projects together.  Among the high-level tractor companies are such well-known firms asAernnova, ArcelorMittal, CAF, CIE Automotive, Danobat, Euskaltel, Gestamp, Iberdrola, Mercedes, Michelin, Repsol, Sener, Sidenor, Tubacex and Fagor Ederlan, among others.   

The participation of Fagor Ederlan in BIND 4.0 is part of the Roadmap 4.0 defined with the strategic objective of developing Intelligent Processes in Smart Factory with clear objectives of increasing their effectiveness and quality.