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null Fagor Ederlan Kunshan celebrates 10 years

Ederlan & Estrategia 2021/07/12

Fagor Ederlan Kunshan celebrates 10 years

Fagor Ederlan Kunshan celebrates 10 years

This is one of Fagor Ederlan’s four low pressure aluminium plants in the world 
It only seems like yesterday but it has been 10 years since Fagor Ederlan Auto Parts Kunshan, our aluminium suspension component factory in China, joined the Fagor Ederlan family.   

Fagor Ederlan Kunshan is one of Fagor Ederlan’s four low pressure aluminium plants in the world. The decision to set up production in China a decade ago came about in response to the need to be close to automotive customers and, consequently, broaden the Group’s global response, in addition to its presence in Spain, Slovakia and Brazil.  
Fagor Ederlan Kunshan is very much a reference within the group, not only because of advanced process and manufacturing management but also due to the level of technological advancement and process innovation, and this has been evolving over these past ten years to become a benchmark plant of the Fagor Ederlan group for frame components, machining and low pressure aluminium casting (LPDC) and a reference in the Chinese market as a specialist in the manufacture of advanced, lightweight Suspension components.   

At present, Fagor Ederlan Kunshan continues to be an innovative factory that has two twin sisters, one in Europe and another in Mexico, which allow us to up our global capacity and make low-pressure technology a key opportunity for both our future and that of the automotive industry”, says Juan María Palencia, CEO of Fagor Ederlan Group.

The growth of the factory since laying its first foundations back in mid-2011 has been exponential, doubling its annual production between 2013 and 2021 and increasing production by 14% in 2020, despite the effects of the pandemic.   
Jon Arano, Director of Fagor Ederlan Group’s Aluminium Business, asserts that “at present we are in the process of strategic thinking, mapping out the Fagor Ederlan Group of 2030 and on that future map Fagor Ederlan Kunshan is seen as a fundamental cornerstone in our project”.    


Projects and awards  

Fagor Ederlan Kunshan started out with 40 professionals and now it has more than 200 people who have turned this project into a reality. Among its most noteworthy projects are those for leading manufacturers such as GM, BMW and Daimler, all major customers of the Group, who have relied on the capacity and management of Fagor Ederlan Kunshan to meet their needs in this Asian country, the Nº 1 producer in the automotive world.  

And to this customer trust, we can add further accolades, such as attaining the Third Grade Enterprise certificate of Safety Production Standardization in 2015, the High-Tech Enterprise Certificate en 2016, the award for being one of  “The ten most promising companies in Quiandeng” in 2017 and the “2020 Ten Growing Enterprises in Quiandeng”.  

Many happy returns Fagor Ederlan Kunshan!