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null Fagor Ederlan, speaker at the Industry 4.0 congress during Advanced Factories 2020

Innovation & Technology 2020/03/05

Fagor Ederlan, speaker at the Industry 4.0 congress during Advanced Factories 2020

  • Industry 4.0, connectivity, industrial automation and robotics will be the main players at Advanced Factories 2020 from 3rd - 5th March in Barcelona.

  • Fagor Ederlan is giving a talk focused on its digital background. A journey into the strategic thinking behind how Industry 4.0 is integrated into its business model.

Fagor Ederlan has been a speaker at the Industry 4.0 congress being held during Advanced Factories 2020 in Barcelona. The congress included more than 120 conferences structured around innovation in new industrial equipment, new production processes, digital technologies applied to industry and product customization, but without overlooking a commitment to sustainability. All of this, delivered by more than 260 international experts who shared their success stories, experiences and innovative proposals for the implementation of industry 4.0 in the production plants, an overriding need in order to remain competitive in the market.

The Fagor Ederlan presentation, headed by Estibaliz Elizondo, the lead Industry 4.0 project engineer at the group’s technological centre, Edertek, told us how Fagor Ederlan is handling its digital transformation process. Starting from when the bombardment of “disruptive” technologies was overwhelming, up until a roadmap focused on Industry 4 was defined; In essence, a data-driven organisation based on profitability and business competitiveness.

Fagor Ederlan’s digital history, now in full development, started off with the definition of a roadmap in 2018. This Industry 4.0 roadmap has been led by Edertek, the Group’s technological centre and, as a result of this work, Fagor Ederlan now has a strategy focused on matters such as: real-time factory management, intelligent processes, energy efficiency and product “DNA”. At the same time, various proofs of concept are being implemented, applying emerging technologies within this area. Some of these pilot projects are currently being transferred to the production plants, hopefully to take a major step towards advancing the business.